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  • Contract Administration:
    • Perform and advise on all contracting matters.
    • Establish effective contracting functions to support administration of a contract’s terms and conditions.
  • Pricing:
    • Create pricing models to support and generate FFP, cost type, and T&M proposals.
    • Establish framework to prepare and support forward pricing labor and overhead rate proposals.
  • Billing:
    • Create billing proposals with support through audit.
  • Costing:
    • Design accounting systems to support Government audits of pricing, billing, and incurred cost proposals.
    • Create overhead pool structure to support the handling of allowable and unallowable costs.
  • Disclosure Statements:
    • Coordinate and define costing system, pool structure, group accounting practices, pension, and depreciation accounting treatment.
    • Establish a complete Disclosure Statement package to ensure compliance with Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).
  • Audit Support
    • Provides support on Governmental audits covering:
      • Pricing Proposals
      • Incurred Cost Proposals
      • Billing Proposals
      • Defective Pricing Audits
      • Disclosure Statement Reviews
      • Compensation Reviews
      • Procurement Reviews
  • Interface with DCAA, PCO, and ACO
    • Coordinate and work with business to define and support audit positions.


  • Provide SAP FICO business system analysis and functional support.
  • Design, build, test, and deploy finance projects.
  • Interface with logistics organization to provide and meet operational, tactical, and strategic objectives
  • Coordinate with customer to establish an SAP project costing system.
  • Provide customer with a comprehensive project system solution.
  • Counsel on project costing requirements covering results analysis, project costing, product costing, and other aspects of FICO
  • Plan, analyze, and design an end-to-end integration solution covering: FI and CO process activities; identify cross-team issues; and validate the application requirements to meet overall business costing process requirements (Product Costing).
  • Lead the application and technical architecture analysis and design, and ensure that the product fulfills the business requirements.
  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in for application and technical designs
  • TAX
    • Provide tax services and consultations for individuals, corporations, and partnerships, and provide trust and tax planning services.