What is pa sales tax

What is subject to Pa use tax?

You owe Pennsylvania use tax on the entire purchase price of the computers and accessories, including any shipping and handling fees charged by the seller. If you live in Allegheny County or Philadelphia, you also owe an additional 1 or 2 percent local use tax.

What is tax free in PA?

Everything you don’t pay sales tax on in Pennsylvania, from books to utilities. In Pennsylvania, you don’t have to pay sales tax on dry ice. Or pony rides. Or pumpkins, if you’re planning on one for dinner.

Is there tax on shipping in PA?

Shipping as a service is free from sales tax when you contract directly with the shipping company. FedEx, UPS, the Postal Service and other shippers do not add sales tax to their shipping charges. If you’re a seller, however, when you ship a package to a customer you will need to tax shipping costs in Pennsylvania.

What is PA use tax?

The use tax rate is the same as the sales tax rate: 6 percent state tax, plus an additional 1 percent local tax for items purchased in delivered to or used in Allegheny County and 2 percent local tax for Philadelphia. … Why It’s Important. It’s a matter of fairness.

What is exempt from PA sales tax?

Major items exempt from the tax include food (not ready-to-eat); candy and gum; most clothing; textbooks; computer services; pharmaceutical drugs; sales for resale; and residential heating fuels such as oil, electricity, gas, coal and firewood. The Pennsylvania sales tax rate is 6 percent.

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How do I pay PA sales tax?

How to File and Pay Sales Tax in Pennsylvania

  1. File online File online at the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. You can remit your payment through their online system.
  2. File over the telephone- 1-800-748-8299.
  3. AutoFile – Let TaxJar file your sales tax for you. We take care of the payments, too.

Are groceries taxed in PA?

Pennsylvania – grocery items are tax exempt, and in Pennsylvania, this includes candy and gum but not alcohol. … Grocery items are taxable, but taxed at a reduced rate of 1.75%.

Is toilet paper taxed in PA?

Toilet paper isn’t taxable. But you’ll pay the toll on facial tissue, paper towels, paper napkins — and paper toilet seat covers. A guide to taxable and nontaxable items in Pennsylvania is available at www.revenue.pa.gov or by clicking here.

Are shoes taxed in Pennsylvania?

Therefore, ordinary shoes, overshoes, safety shoes and sneakers are not taxable. However, shoes for formal wear, ski boots, bathing shoes, bowling shoes, golf shoes, baseball shoes and football shoes are not exempt from tax. (b) Accessories not attached to footwear are subject to tax.

Does eBay collect sales tax in Pennsylvania?

Online marketplace eBay has announced it will collect and remit sales and use tax on behalf of sellers in three states next year: Washington starting January 1, 2019, and Oklahoma and Pennsylvania as of July 1, 2019. … States are now free to tax sales by businesses with no physical presence in the state.

Are delivery charges taxable in PA?

Unlike most sales tax questions in Pennsylvania, this one is fairly straight forward. If a good is subject to sales tax, then any delivery charges are also subject to sales tax. If a good is not subject to sales tax, then the delivery charges are not taxable.

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Does anyone pay use tax?

It’s called a use tax. As far as I can tell, accountants and tax lawyers are some of the only people who pay it. Forty-five states have a use tax. About 1.6 percent of the taxpayers in those 45 states actually pay the use tax.

What is an example of a use tax?

Online purchases with no sales tax are the most common example (eBay, Amazon, etc). Also, use tax would need to be collected for purchases through the mail from an out-of-state seller. The amounts of these purchases can be found with the packing receipt if the item was shipped to you.

What is use tax for a business?

Use tax is a sales tax imposed on consumers who do not pay tax at the time of purchase. … Generally, use tax applies when you sell a taxable item to someone in another state where you do not have sales tax nexus, or a business presence (e.g., a warehouse, employee working in another state, etc.).

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