Which of the following bond mutual funds would provide tax-free income?

What kind of mutual fund is tax exempt?

Equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS) are diversified equity mutual funds with two differentiating features – one, investment amount in them qualifies for tax benefit under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, up to a limit of Rs 1.5 lakh a year and secondly, the amount invested has a lock-in period of 3 years.

Is income from mutual fund exempt?

*Long-term capital gains on equity mutual funds are exempt up to Rs. 1 lakh per annum. For example, if your long-term capital gain in FY 2018-19 is Rs 1.5 lakh, only Rs. 50,000 will be taxable as LTCG.

Is monthly income from mutual fund taxable?

What is the Tax implication of Monthly Income Plans? Being a debt-oriented mutual fund, a Monthly Income Scheme is liable for taxation. Also, both long-term and short-term capital gains made through an MIP are applicable for taxation.

Is income from liquid fund taxable?

Liquid funds are subject to taxation applicable to debt funds. If the liquid fund investment is held for more than three years, it is subject to long term capital gains which is taxable at 20% with indexation.

How much tax do you pay on mutual fund withdrawals?

Equity funds and debt funds are taxed differently according to their holding periods. The short-term capital gains (STCG) on redemption of equity fund units is taxable at the rate of 15%. The long-term capital gains (LTCG) on equity fund up to Rs 1 lakh is tax-free.

Do all mutual funds have tax benefits?

Investors can claim tax deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. All ELSS funds qualify for the tax deduction under Section 80C. … That means you can invest Rs 1.5 lakh for deductions under Section 80C, and extra Rs 50,000 for additional benefit under Section 80CCD(1B).

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Can you withdraw money from a mutual fund without penalty?

You can cash out of your mutual funds on any business day without penalties for early withdrawal, with two exceptions.

Do you have to pay taxes on mutual fund withdrawals?

If you hold shares in a taxable account, you are required to pay taxes on mutual fund distributions, whether the distributions are paid out in cash or reinvested in additional shares. … For federal tax purposes, ordinary income is generally taxed at higher rates than qualified dividends and long-term capital gains.

Are mutual funds taxed twice?

A: A mutual fund doesn’t pay taxes on capital gains of stocks sold during the year. You do. … When you liquidate your holdings in a mutual fund, you’ll be taxed on any gain over the purchase price paid for each fund share held. This isn’t double taxation.

What is the best monthly income fund?

10 Best Funds for Monthly Income

  • ASTON TCH Fixed Income Fund N.
  • PIA BBB Bond MACS. …
  • USAA Tax-Exempt Intermediate-Term Fund. …
  • T Rowe Price Summit Municipal Income Fund. …
  • Managers Bond Fund. …
  • USAA Intermediate-Term Bond Fund. …
  • Westcore Plus Bond Fund. Westcore Plus Bond Fund. …
  • Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond Fund. Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond Fund. …

Which mutual fund is best for monthly income?

List of Monthly Income Plan Mutual FundsFund Name1-year Return3-year ReturnIDFC Regular Savings Fund7.66%6.44%Reliance Hybrid Bond Fund4.27%5.99%SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund8.02%6.99%Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund-1.82%3.60%

Can you get rich with mutual funds?

Like any investment, the more you can afford to put in, the greater your potential returns. It is hard to get rich investing only $1,000 in any type of security. If you have a significant amount to invest, however, you can generate a sizable amount of income even with the most stable investments.

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Which is better liquid fund or FD?

Liquid fund investors are considered to be in a better position than fixed deposit holders in case of taxation on their respective investments. When it comes to tax on liquid funds, the investors are entitled to avail tax indexation, which directly helps them to lower their burden of tax-related expenses.

Is it safe to keep money in liquid funds?

Although liquid funds are not entirely risk-free, however, they are low risk-low returns instruments. As they invest predominantly in debt instruments, they are subject to interest rate risk and credit risk. … Liquid funds ensure that your money is invested only in superior creditworthy instruments.

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