Tax deduction

Payroll tax deferral

What is payroll tax deferment?

Initiated by an executive memorandum in August, the payroll tax deferral is a four-month 6.2% pay hike for eligible workers, based on the deferral of Social Security taxes until after Dec. 31, 2020. … But here’s an important point to note: Those Social Security taxes will need to be repaid between Jan.

Is payroll tax deferral mandatory?

The statute does not, however, provide any mechanism to require taxpayers to delay the payment of taxes. … Accordingly, employers may choose to withhold and deposit the employee share of Social Security taxes without regard to the deferral.

Are payroll taxes being deferred?

The payroll tax deferral went into effect on Sept. 1, following an executive order Trump had issued in August. It’s effective until the end of the year. Workers and employers each share half of a 12.4% tax to cover Social Security, plus a 2.9% tax to pay for Medicare.

Who gets payroll tax deferral?

Employees whose gross, biweekly wages are $3,999.99 or less are subject to the president’s payroll tax deferral. Employees and servicemembers who meet this guideline will automatically have their Social Security taxes — 6.2% of their income — deferred from their upcoming paychecks.

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